Things to do in Japan

From a visit to Mount Fuji to eating famous japanese cuisine Sushi, there is a lot to do in Japan. Japan is a beautiful country that lies in Asia continent. In 1945, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks happened and there was a mass destruction happened in Japan at that time, but later then this country improved a lot and today it has become a hot choice among tourists. Most of the people are confused about what do in Japan. But there are a lot of activities you can do in Japan along with fishing. So let us discuss in detail about things to do in Japan.

  1. Eat Sushi:

Eating sushi is like a taking your taste buds to a long journey of taste. In Japan, you can get the sushi right from the conveyor belt which is like a magic to have. These conveyer belts for sushi you can find in many restaurants at many different places in Japan. You can pay for a plate and it will be enough to make your belly feel full. There are many other japanese cuisines you must try and you can get a lot of things to eat at a very reasonable prices.

  1. Kitakyushu’s flower tunnels:

One of the most beautiful spots in Japan to see is this amazing Kitakyushu’s flower tunnel in which pink, red, purple, lavender color flowers are present in upside down position to lure you with their beauty. To see these tunnels, you feel like world has turned upside down in a beautiful way. This place is created like Alice in Wonderland. It is full of nature and elegance which you can see from April to May and it is better if you buy the ticket beforehand.

  1. See bamboo forest:

In the list of what do in Japan, next comes the bamboo forest. Japan is a home to many bamboo trees and forests along with a lot of temples and shrines. If you want to visit some serene place away from the urban part of the country or the city Kyoto, then this bamboo forest is a must visit place where you will the find the beauty and the peace. Many feet tall bamboo tress and chanting voice of monks from the nearby temples make you feel calm and relaxed.

This is all about what do in Japan. Once in a lifetime, everyone should visit Japan to explore it beautiful culture.

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